Dental Drill Rescue
Dental Drill Rescue

  • About Us


    • We are a mobile based handpiece repair company located in Phoenix, Arizona, where we service and sell dental products to local dentists. We are part of numerous organizations across America comprised of more than 80 technicians, with a combined knowledgebase of over 100 years of experience in fixing handpieces.  We feel that we are the best!  ...and we know that our experience in service and sales could benefit other dental professionals; that is why we added on-line options.  We are proud to be able to offer our knowledge and expertise with regards to the mechanics of every major brand of handpiece. 

    Our Philosophy

    • Some products offer better quality than others. The one thing we have always believed is that there is no value added in buying low-cost service or tools.  It only leads to disappointment over time.  Especially with these current economic times, we see a lot of dentists choosing low-cost in order to save money, but in fact, it costs more money over time.  We have found that it is better to buy the best service and high quality tools at great deals. That is what this site offers. Whether it’s service or a new handpiece through our private label (in one phone call we can tell you who makes it and why it is a great handpiece!) or the many choices in our refurbished/slightly used section. 
    • The best way to make your office run better and not fall behind is to start with great service and tools and have them working their best.